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Seven Grandfathers Farm is located in beautiful Kelsey, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in California. We were the first farm in El Dorado County to be certified organic, over 40 years ago! Here we grow a variety of fruits and vegetables on two acres, specializing in delicious and unique varieties of heirloom and specialty crops that we have discovered over a lifetime of organic growing. All our produce is 100 percent free from chemical pesticides, artificial chemical fertilizers, and is GMO-free.

Our goal is to grow the most delicious, healthiest, and most nutritious produce possible. It all begins with healthy, fertile soil. Plants grown in rich and vibrant soil naturally produce more nutritious crops, and are better able to ward off insect and disease attacks. We make our own compost from plant materials here on the farm, and we rotate plantings with legume cover crops that supply nitrogen and other nutrients. We utilize natural mulches and use drip irrigation to conserve water. We are always striving to find better ways to produce an abundant harvest while minimizing our impact on the natural environment.

The wildlife that share our home are important to us, and our practices encourage abundant numbers of bees, butterflies, and birds that do their part to pollinate and patrol for insect pests. Our water comes from our own well, deep in the foothills of the mountains. We have abundant sunshine and summer heat, ensuring that our fruits, berries, squash, melons, kale, lettuce, beets, peppers, and tomatoes are extra sweet. Our hilltop location is ideal for air circulation and maintaining a long growing season. You can definitely taste the difference!    

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 January 16, 2019

Food in the Anthropocene

As reported today in the National Geographic, a new report published in the medical journal Lancet addresses the major role of farming – especially livestock – in driving climate change, the destruction of wildlife and the pollution of rivers and oceans. The commission also finds that millions of lives could be saved by reducing meat consumption globally.

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